Collection: Colored contact lenses 3 months

There are so many options and the only limit is your imagination! ColourVUE models:
Big eyes: The lenses have a thicker and darker outer rim shade and faded beautiful colors. The models are suitable for dark and light eyes to give a natural shade and a darker border. Some of the models at DIA 15.0. The darkest shades are Dolly Black and Pretty Hazel.
Glamour: The ColourVue Glamor collection offers vibrant shades to your eyes, with a dark outer edge that frames and defines the color. The lenses have a light interlaced coloring that emphasizes the shade and gives it that luxurious look. The models are suitable for dark and light eyes.
3Tones: Three-tone natural contact lenses. The pigment is not strong - they suit light eyes better.
Eyelsuh: Pigment is strong, slightly larger diameter.
Basic: Monochromatic natural contact lenses without strengths.