How to buy colored contact lenses online

Buying colored contact lenses online is very simple, safe and convenient. Before buying, we recommend that you get the opinion of an ophthalmologist or optician about the suitability of contact lenses for you. Where to buy colored contact lenses?: vä

• Step one - Choose colored contact lenses. Different collections have different lenses (BigEyes / Glamor / Crazy, etc.) and colors, and you can also search for the lenses you want using the search tool located in the upper right corner.

• Step two - Enter the parameters of the lenses, select the strength and number of contact lenses you want. Of course, you can also choose colored contact lenses without strengths

• Third step - Choose a payment method. We accept the following payment methods: PayPal. So, for example, you can pay with your credit card or visa electron.

• Step four - Your order will be shipped as soon as we have processed your order.