Information about us

Information about us

Metriton is the official importer and distributor of ColourVue contact lenses in Finland and the Baltics. Our flagship is the ColourVue product family, thanks to which you can express your style even more easily and spectacularly.

ColourVue is one of the world's leading colored contact lens brands, offering the most comprehensive range of products: starting from contact lenses that look naturally beautiful, as well as so-called crazy contact lenses that guarantee a carnival atmosphere. Hydrogel is used in the production of ColourVue contact lenses, which makes the contact lenses extremely comfortable to wear. All of our products fall within the scope of the ISO9001 standard, and our products have also received European CE approval, which in turn indicates the excellent safety and quality of our products.

A special feature of ColouVue is the innovative contact lens design. Whether you have light or dark eyes, ColourVue colored contact lenses work great. The same goes for your vision: ColourVue is equally suitable for people with excellent vision and those who need vision correction.

The customer is the starting point of everything for us. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service. If you have any questions, you can send an email to

Metriton OÜ - Official Distributor of ColourVUE lenses.
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