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BigEyes Pretty Hazel

BigEyes Pretty Hazel

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The brown Pretty Hazel lenses are the most popular choice in our store if you want to change your look completely and collect looks and compliments. No matter what color your eyes are, the highly pigmented lens will make them deep brown. The new color of your eyes will certainly not go unnoticed by anyone.

Each package contains 2 three-month color lenses. The lens storage case and lens fluid must be purchased separately.

NOTE! In bright light, the original eye color can be seen through the center of the lens. The best impression with effect lenses is created in dim lighting.

BC 8.6 mm
Slide 14 mm
Water content 42%
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Certifications CE approved
Delivery time 3-24 business days


Free delivery for all orders over 75 euros!


30-day return policy for unopened lenses

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