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Thanos NB! 22mm (Delivery time 3-5 weeks)

Thanos NB! 22mm (Delivery time 3-5 weeks)

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Want to get noticed? ColourVue Crazy contact lenses ensure that you are always in the spotlight. 57 amazing, brilliant and memorable colors and characters for everyone's taste. Whether you're going to a masquerade or just a nice party, the Crazy lenses collection has something for everyone, which will help you get the perfect outfit.

With these contact lenses, you can startle or tone up wherever you go. Sclera contact lenses are great for fantasy characters, monsters and space aliens.

Sclera lenses 22mm that cover the entire eye!
NB! Delivery time 3-5 weeks.

Quantity 2 lenses/box
Shelf life 180 days
BC 11 mm
Dia 22 mm
Water content 42%
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Certifications CE approved


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30-day return policy for unopened lenses

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