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Renu MultiPlus Starter Kit 60ml + Lens case

Renu MultiPlus Starter Kit 60ml + Lens case

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The most popular contact lens liquid! ReNu MultiPlus liquid cleans, rinses, disinfects, preserves, moisturizes and protects soft contact lenses. ReNu MultiPlus also removes protein residues caused by tear fluid and the environment. This guarantees the clarity of vision and the comfort of wearing contact lenses.

The liquid is also suitable for sensitive eyes. Contains hydranate, a new type of protein-removing compound. This breaks down the accumulated proteins on the surface of the lens and prevents the formation of new ones, so cleaning the lenses is much easier. Rubbing the lenses is usually no longer necessary.

For disinfection, the lenses are placed in the solution for at least four hours. The treatment also comes with a lens case.


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