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Eyeling Jade Green 2 pcs

Eyeling Jade Green 2 pcs

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These mysterious green eyes attract attention like magnets. We pity those who fall into the trap of your gaze, because it is almost impossible to break free from the spell of your eyes. Eyeling Jade Green lenses look so naturally green on the eyes that people stop to look at your eyes, not the lenses. Be prepared to hear compliments!

The new luxurious Eyeling Jade Green lenses without pupil hole are tinted to the highest level in a Swedish laboratory one at a time, ensuring the highest possible quality and comfortable wearing experience. The design of the lenses emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes and does not use printed patterns. The absence of a pupil hole does not interfere with vision, but results in an incomparably natural appearance.

NOTE! These are one month lenses. It is also necessary to buy an additional liquid + contact lens case.

Delivery time: Maximum 10-14 working days
Run: Monthly lenses
Contact lens type: Colored
Number of contact lenses: 2 pcs
Curvature BC: 8.60
SLIDE: 14.20
Dk/t (oxygen transmission): 28
Liquid content: 55%
UV protection: Yes
Material: Ocufilcon D


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