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Eyeling Dark Brown 2 pcs

Eyeling Dark Brown 2 pcs

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We have a question: If you could change your light eyes to dark brown so that you look dazzlingly natural, and without your own eye color showing in the middle, would you do it?

If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in the high-quality Eyeling Dark Brown contact lenses.

Eyeling lenses are the new luxury colored lenses on the market that do not have a pupil hole. It is not a mass production, as each lens is individually tinted in a top-level handcraft in a Swedish laboratory. Eyelingi lenses do not have a pattern printed on them, so the shade of each lens is carefully selected to bring out and enrich the natural beauty of the eye. The design without a pupil hole guarantees a natural appearance even in bright sunlight, without disturbing visibility.

After all, you have to see and why couldn't it be fun and also bring compliments as feedback?

NOTE! These are one month lenses. It is also necessary to buy an additional liquid + contact lens case.

The best, most authentic looking brown lenses

Delivery time: Maximum 10-14 working days
Period of use: Monthly lenses
Contact lens type: Colored
Number of contact lenses: 2 pcs
Curvature BC: 8.60
SLIDE: 14.20
Dk/t (oxygen transmission): 28
Liquid content: 55%
UV protection: Yes
Material: Ocufilcon D


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